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Another Mall Shooting

Another Mall Shooting

by William H. Nesbitt, CPP


The shooting on Saturday (June 2nd 2012) at Toronto's Eaton Centre is a reminder that violence can erupt with very little warning. This shooting resulted in one fatality with two victims in critical condition as of this writing. In addition to the one fatality, a total of seven people were injured. The shooting occurred in the food court area, an area in many malls where there is a heightened potential for conflict.

Whenever there is a high profile shooting such as the mall shootings here in the United States or the schools and hospital shootings of the past several years, there are frequently copycat events that follow and it is not unlikely that this shooting at the Eaton Centre will inspire like events elsewhere. Before that happens, now is the time to prepare and prevent.

Business enterprises that cater to the public and allow public access should periodically reassess their security posture. With the rapid acceleration of security methodologies, it does not take long for security programs to fall behind the eight ball. Among a wide range of potential threats, those response for their organizations security programs must be prepared to address the very real threat of an "active shooter" incident. The threat of an active shooter takes on different dimensions depending on the affected industry. The potential threat profile tends to vary somewhat between one industry to another. The time to consider that threat is now.

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